Summary and Extensions

Project Summary

  • This project was fairly methodical to implement on the PLC given the skill base built over the course so far. This makes a lot of sense given that PLCs are purpose built for industrial automation and control with their inbuilt functions geared accordingly.
  • Access to resources, primarily the PLCs themselves, was the biggest hindrance to the project timeline.
  • It was somewhat challenging being a large group of busy people with a relatively short time frame before delivery.
  • Some areas of understanding how to really implement the process as a real simulation of a system were quite complex.
  • Was fairly large learning curve on figuring out how to configure MPI and how to connect the HMI.
  • During final compilation of the program the Murdoch Student Servers crashed hindering our finish time for the project putting it back to the last day.


Further Development

  • Active fail-over to another controller PLC which will assume control if certain condition(s) are met.
  • A higher order filter could be used to reject more of the noise on the process variable (PV).
  • A discrete beta filter or moving average could also be considered to better filter the PV noise.
  • A higher order process could be implemented with relative ease given the implementation of 5 value shift registers.
  • Better HMI interface for more user friendly interaction.
  • Sending data through Siemens transfer functions like Send/Receive.



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