This website provides an overview of the process taken for developing a  PLC automation program used for a tabletop gantry crane apparatus that can solve a puzzle-like task of re-sorting disks. The program was developed without actually being able to test the crane.  Only a short opportunity to view the apparatus was provided along with a basic description of the apparatus and the required tasks.

The finite state machine design method was used to develop the logical sequences of the apparatus and because the PLC was of the Siemens brand, the TIA portal with simatic S7 was used to write all the necessary codes in ladder logic. Once these codes were written, a simple developmental circuit board with some micro switches was created to simulate the functions of the apparatus and test the written lines of codes using another PLC of the same make and model.

The codes are now all written and ready for the test that is scheduled to take place on the 15th of May, 2015. During this test, 2 stacks of disks will be placed at random and with a push of a button the apparatus should re-stack them all according to their sizes.

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