This project is about using national instruments DAQ systems to process analog and digital data. The initial goal of the project was to be able to draw on the oscilloscope with two potentiometers and have some switches and lights to control its state.

The outcome looks as in the following figure:


As can be seen from above, the expectations were exceeded by far. Not only is the user now able to draw on the oscilloscope, but there are different drawing modes:

  •  Etch-A-Sketch, where the user can draw a sketch onto the oscilloscope using two potentiometers for the X and Y position
  •  Random mode, where a random voltage is added to the last value of the X and Y position
  •  Star, where prebuilt star function is being executed and output on the oscilloscope
  •  Batman, where the batman sign is being output on the screen while the batman theme is playing

The current output can not only be seen on the oscilloscope but also on the XY graph on the LabView VI.

There are also visual indicators for the current state of the Etch-A-Sketch part which are both on LabView and on a custom soldered control board. That control board also has some buttons and a switch to control the Etch-A-Sketch and the two potentiometers for sketching.